A Little About Who We Are!

We create cutting-edge technical solutions, enabling our clients to be successful time and time again.

a little about who we are!

Facts about us that you will find exciting!

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Happy & Satisfied Clinets


Happy & Satisfied Clinets






Years in Business

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Create significant products that make a real difference in the digital realm.

We are a group of forward-thinking designers, developers, inquisitive problem solvers, and enthusiastic collaborators who believe that great ideas and development are created when vision, imagination and innovation are in sync.


Our mission is to aid in the digitalization of enterprises and startups in the internet age.

We attempt to go beyond the limits of logic and analytics in order to contribute to the creation of something unique and inventive that works in unison with the business or startup.


Our virtues build us and we portray it in our work.

Our focus is to achieve high-quality work that is worth our client's money. We've always placed a high importance on technological advancement and expanding our client'ts business. To give clients IT solutions that go above and beyond their expectations in achieving significant growth for their organisation, we employ the most qualified people.

Be Great. Do Great. Achieve Great.

We work hard to make your business stand out from the crowd. We assist your company in carving out a distinct market niche and creating an unique brand persona that appeals to your target demographic. We don't just build gorgeous things; we also make useful things.

Every aspect of your company's identity is analyzed by us. Market research and company goals form the basis of our approach to developing a custom solution for you.

be great. do freat. achieve great.

We Value Effective Discussion As Well As A Truly Open Culture


Fostering Creativity and innovation

We take on the challenge of providing a specific software solution for every project we work on. Since we are looking for the best possible answer, we demand artistic appeal and inventive ideas acting in harmony.

- Quote:

You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”

~ Maya Angelou
design & develop for humans

Design & Develop For Humans

Behavioral science and societal truths are at the heart of each design. We'll delve deep into the target users and their concerns in order to create memorable softwares for our clients. Our developers adhere to the designs and construct the project for the use of the humans.


“Truly elegant design incorporates top-notch functionality into a simple, uncluttered form.”

— David Lewis
shubham makwana founder

TechEniac is based on creativity, collaboration, and the satisfaction of a job well done. Integrity, vigour, and fun are the pillars of everything we accomplish!

Shubham MakwanaFounder/CEO.

With Time We Grew

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Started getting new clients

We suddenly gained more clients and their confidence, requiring the hiring of additional employees to handle the growing volume of work. We added 8 new programmers and 2 new designers to our crew of passionate individuals.

Covid19 Couldn't Stop Us

With WFH we shifted our base from physical communications to virtual and we couldn’t tell the difference. The team worked as they did before Covid19. We increased our reach by adding newer clients to our portfolio and we enjoyed every bit of our work from home.

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The Dawn

The beginning is usually thrilling, and it was no exception for TechEniac. Despite the fact that it took us several months, we persisted in working hard on our first project.

We Scored Big Giants

A significant accomplishment of ours is the development of software solutions for companies like Deloitte and Czech Television.

Restructuring Office & Revamping Website

2021 roped in a lot of hope and we started restructuring the existing office in Ahmedabad. While we were busy working for our clients, we took some time out for revamping our website. Voila! We made structural changes to our office with a new look and design and we revamped the website with minimalist ideation.