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Craft highly scalable, real-time web applications with TechEniac’s top-tier Node.js developers. Join hands with our vetted talent to create secure, robust, and dynamically engaging cross-platform solutions. TechEniac provides exclusive access to certified, problem-solving, and dedicated Node.js Developers, who aim to deliver faster results that explicitly match what you’re looking for.

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Opt for our exclusive remote node.js developer at TechEniac – Not only do they streamline common tasks and provide a solid foundation for applications, but they're also equipped with qualities to deliver your project efficiently and swiftly.

Recent Work

Explore our recent projects as we cross the benchmark in web development. Each project is a testament to our commitment as the best web development company in India.

awakeen fashion swedish startup

Avakeen Fashion Store

Avakeen is a Swedish startup. They are an e-commerce fashion & clothing store that specializes in selling seasonal cloths.

close chat.ai


In this project we develop a website and a shopify app. In the website you need to do registration and after that you install a closechat.



RGuroo serves as a multifaceted platform, boasting a versatile dashboard designed to oversee the comprehensive management of students, teachers, and an array of statistical resources.

TechEniac - Your Gateway to Find Dedicated NodeJs Developers

At TechEniac, you have the opportunity to hire NodeJs programmers who deliver comprehensive backend engineering solutions for any given task. We offer a range of developer positions with a proven skill stack and relevant experience to effectively address your specific needs.

sr. full stack developer

Sr. NodeJs Engineer

7+ Years of Experience

As a Full Stack Developer with over 7 years of experience. I excel in the MERN stack, which includes proficiency in React JS, NodeJS, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL. My expertise extends to PHP, Laravel, AWS, and microservices. Throughout my career, I have been recognized for my strong background in delivering optimized and scalable web solutions. I am known for my leadership and collaborative skills, making a positive impact on team dynamics.

sandeep developer

Sr. NodeJs Engineer

6+ Years of Experience

As a NodeJS Developer with over 6 years of experience in the IT industry. My specialization lies in backend development using NodeJS, MongoDB, ExpressJs, and NestJS. Alongside my proficiency in web technologies such as PHP and Magento 2, I possess a strong grasp of AWS, microservices, and SEO. I am recognized for my expertise in efficiently optimizing APIs and providing effective team leadership. Proficient in a variety of development tools and methodologies, my primary focus is on creating scalable and optimized web solutions.

yash - sr. full stack developer

Sr. ReactJs Engineer

6 Years of Experience

As a Full Stack Developer with over 6 years of experience, I specialize in the MERN stack, including React, Node, and Typescript, alongside 4 years in AWS technologies. My skill set covers PHP, Laravel, and API development, with a focus on creating accessible, SEO-optimized web applications. I'm experienced in team collaboration and management, adept at both individual and team-based project execution. My technical expertise extends across a wide range of tools and technologies, ensuring the delivery of optimized, scalable, and user-centric solutions.

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Our NodeJs Developer’s Technical Expertise





Hosting Platforms

AWS (Amazon Web Services)HerokuGoogle Cloud PlatformDigitalOcean

CMS (Content Management Systems)


Message Queues

RabbitMQApache KafkaRedis Pub/SubActiveMQ

Database Systems


API Documentation


Task Runners


Logging and Monitoring

Winston (for logging)Prometheus (for monitoring)Grafana (for visualization)New Relic (for application performance monitoring)

Authentication and Authorization

Passport.jsOAuth (for third-party authentication)JWT (JSON Web Tokens)

WebSockets and Real-Time Communication

Socket.ioMQTTWebSockets API

Why Companies Choose TechEniac for Hiring Remote Nodejs Developer?

When you hire dedicated NodeJs developers from TechEniac, keep in mind that we go through qualified and certified developers with vast experience across industries and a versatile work portfolio just to offer you the service that fulfills your criteria.

Stringent Vetting Process

Our strict vetting for Hire Dedicated Node.js developers includes holistic background checks and professional journey assessments. Candidates undergo language proficiency tests, aptitude assessments, and technical evaluations. The final step is a panel interview, ensuring a precise match with candidate preferences and expectations.

Upskilling Programs

Node.js developers have great responsibilities and complex tasks; therefore, to maintain benchmark standards, we regularly conduct upskilling programs. Our Node.js developers periodically take courses, pass certifications, contribute to open source, and increase their knowledge.

Highly Experienced

We consider the diverse experience and the ability to solve tough problems as indicators when selecting a Node.js developer. This guarantees a smooth ride without many hiccups, facilitating the completion of your project in a short time.

Customized Development Approach

TechEniac customizes its development approach, tailoring services to match the specific needs of each client. This ensures that the company's goals and project requirements align seamlessly with the remote Node.js developers.

How We Engage

Time and Materials Contract

Time and Materials Contract

Monthly Hiring Contract

Monthly Hiring Contract

Fixed Cost Contract

Fixed Cost Contract

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NodeJs Developers For Consultation

Stuck in your project and need expert guidance with code review, scaling apps, and implementing best practices without sacrificing performance? Our highly qualified and versatile Node.js developers can provide the support you need to meet your app’s requirements.

Key Skills Our Expert NodeJS

  • Techeaniac excels in crafting visually rich and high-performance front-end solutions, demonstrating proficiency in

    Utilizing in-depth knowledge of the Node.js technology stack, which includes HTML + CSS, JavaScript Fundamentals + ESX, JSX, Redux, Node + NPM, DOM manipulation, and more

    Applying hands-on expertise with Node.js libraries such as Redux, Redux-Saga, Flow, and React DnD.

    Conducting application testing with popular unit and integration test cases using the Node Testing Library (Enzyme)

    Adapting applications to harness the power of the cloud for NodeJS apps.

    Staying adept at evolving technology-specific methodologies to construct dynamic NodeJS applications.

    Excelling at working with various cross-technology combinations, our NodeJS developers showcase their skills and versatility.

React + DockerReactJS + Node.jsReactJS + GoReact ReduxReact + Python (Django)React + PHP

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